Alternatives to Divorce Litigation

Alternatives to Divorce Litigation in Georgia: Arbitration & Court-Referred Mediation In Georgia, state law dictates the process by which parties can pursue a divorce. For example, it outlines the particulars of who may be eligible to file for divorce, the underlying legal process related thereto, and several other important and related factors. However, it also […]

Divorce – QDRO’s and Retirement

Qualified domestic relations orders, commonly known as “QDROs”, frequently confuse individuals going through a divorce. However, they are actually relatively simple in concept, though must be drafted with extreme care and attention to detail to ensure they effectuate the intent of the parties of the divorce. A QDRO is an order approved by a judge […]

How Divorce Affects the Over-50 Group in Georgia Divorce Cases

While divorce is always difficult, no matter the circumstances, finding yourself in the middle of a divorce when you are in your fifties or sixties comes with its own set of issues. In fact, many couples who have contemplated divorce during their middle ages actually end up staying together due largely to financial considerations.