Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident

Just a few short years ago, a Georgia man was awarded $400,000 in a slip and fall case against a Kroger store – a record Georgia verdict for the type of rotator cuff injury the victim received. The victim, Karey Chambers slipped on spilled yogurt, and while Kroger claimed the injuries Chambers received stemmed from… Continue reading Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident

Benefits of a Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Undoubtedly, pre-nuptial agreements are considered to be a foreboding omen of bad luck among some couples in Georgia and across the U.S. Specifically, it is often the case where people view these types of agreements as unnecessary, in that they believe they function to treat a marriage like a business contract rather than a sacred… Continue reading Benefits of a Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Alternatives to Divorce Litigation

Alternatives to Divorce Litigation in Georgia: Arbitration & Court-Referred Mediation In Georgia, state law dictates the process by which parties can pursue a divorce. For example, it outlines the particulars of who may be eligible to file for divorce, the underlying legal process related thereto, and several other important and related factors. However, it also… Continue reading Alternatives to Divorce Litigation

High Value Asset Divorces

High Value Asset Divorces & How an Experienced Family Law Attorney Can Make a Difference Regardless of whether you categorize yourself as a high income earner or not, you may nonetheless own a substantial amount of high-value assets that could become the focal point of a divorce case. For instance, perhaps you worked hard to… Continue reading High Value Asset Divorces

Divorce – QDRO’s and Retirement

Qualified domestic relations orders, commonly known as “QDROs”, frequently confuse individuals going through a divorce. However, they are actually relatively simple in concept, though must be drafted with extreme care and attention to detail to ensure they effectuate the intent of the parties of the divorce. A QDRO is an order approved by a judge… Continue reading Divorce – QDRO’s and Retirement

Marital Settlement Agreements

Divorces are often complicated, messy events. It is a confusing time in the lives of individuals going through a divorce. Because of this, many people struggle with making sense of all aspects of a divorce. However, the ramifications of your divorce will be with you long after your divorce is finalized. Thus, it is imperative… Continue reading Marital Settlement Agreements

Child Custody Disputes

Divorce is a devastating event for most individuals.  Your entire world is turned upside down, sometimes quite literally overnight.  Custody disputes can be one of the most painful, bitter aspects of a divorce.  Spouses often act in self-interested ways that do not fully or partially take the best interests of their children into consideration.

McLeod Law Firm, P.C. – Division of Assets

During a marriage, many couples amass a significant amount of assets. This is especially true for high net worth couples. Divisions of these assets can be a critical part of a divorce. In order to ensure that assets are divided appropriately, a thorough analysis of the assets of the couple, and the assets of each… Continue reading McLeod Law Firm, P.C. – Division of Assets

Is Driving While Texting More Dangerous Than Driving Under the Influence?

Although the state of Georgia passed a ban on texting while driving in July of 2010, state records reveal that fewer than 50 people per month have been convicted of the offense since the passage of that law. State troopers say the law—while a good start—is difficult to enforce. The police officer must prove beyond… Continue reading Is Driving While Texting More Dangerous Than Driving Under the Influence?

Tips to Avoiding Facebook Faux Pas’ during a Divorce

Whether contemplating a divorce or currently going through the process, it is important to keep in mind that Facebook messages can become one of the most hotly contested issues in one’s case. The reason being is that sometimes people fail to realize that Facebook messages, despite innocent intentions, can be wrongfully construed or even suggest… Continue reading Tips to Avoiding Facebook Faux Pas’ during a Divorce